Ramona MarekRamona D. Marek, MS Ed., is an award-winning freelance writer and author who writes for many print and digital magazines internationally. She is a contributing writer for numerous publications including Cat Fancy, Animal Wellness, Feline Wellness, and the pet retail trade magazine, Pet Product News International. Ramona was a contributing writer for Cat Fancy with multiple articles each year from 2006 to December 2014 (the publication closed March 2015).

Ramona writes about various topics including the role and symbolism of the cat in fine arts (art, literature, mythology, film and history), animal health and welfare, the human-animal bond, and the pet industry.

Not limited to pet-centric topics, other topics Ramona has written about include women’s health, ponds and water gardens, and retail jewelry. She enjoys writing about a variety of topics.

Writing, creative writing and storytelling are a part of her life that started in early childhood with a PhD, academic writing and editing mother and tender-hearted Marine father. She thought everyone knew how to read, write and tell stories. Only as an adult did she discover otherwise.

Ramona’s love for animals started in infancy when her Uncle Dusty used to take her with him to feed the cows. He put her in the feed trough, filled it with food, and the cows ate around her, true story! Animal welfare has been a lifelong passion, speaking for these who cannot, and now merging her two passions into one, is the definition of perfect.

CAO (feline)™Natasha Fatale_SMjpg

It is her honor to serve as Cultural Affairs Officer (CAO, feline)™ at the Feline Embassy headquartered in her heart and imagination. In 1969, the first ambassador was a blue-eyed orange tabby with white kitten named Pumpkin. He introduced her to the feline embassy and secretly allowed her to tour the embassy for brief periods.

The second ambassador, a silver tabby named Whiskers, opened more embassy doors in the feline world. But it was KC, a tuxedo-wearing Zen cat and TC, a soulful orange tabby with white Maine Coon mix, who gave Ramona free reign and lifetime appointment to serve as Cultural Affairs Officer at the Feline Embassy. Serving as co-ambassadors, KC taught her lessons in life for 11 1/2 years and TC continued the teachings for 14 years.

Tsarevich Ivan_SMToday, Ramona serves in felinity under co-ambassadors, Tsarevich Ivan, a joie de vivre silver tabby Siberian, and Natasha Fatale, a full-time diva dressed as an “anything but plain” brown tabby.

Learning and writing about the mysterious, curious, elegant creature we call “cat” and the profound significance in world cultures always fascinates Ramona.


Ramona is a former director of the Cat Writers’ Association and professional member since 2007.  In 2016, she was invited to become a member of the The American Association of Feline Practitioners’ Cat Friendly Practice Advisory Council.

She received the prestigious Shojai Mentor Award from the Cat Writers’ Association in 2018. Ramona notes that “I am surprised and profoundly honored to be the recipient of the distinguished 2018 Shojai Mentor Award presented by the CWA Council of Directors at the Cat Writers’ Association 25th Anniversary Award banquet. This recognition is the most meaningful in my professional writing career and one I will cherish for a lifetime. I am honored and humbled to be in the company of the past honorees who are my colleagues, mentors and friends.”

THE SHOJAI MENTOR AWARD: Sponsored by the CWA, in honor of CWA co-founder and Past President Amy D. Shojai, this Award recognizes the CWA member who has offered guidance, encouraging counsel, support, or other help that has had a direct and positive influence on another’s writing/publishing success. The recipient shall exemplify the highest ideals of the CWA vision, that is, to promote communal support, networking, and mutual respect between colleagues.”

For the 2017 Cat Writers’ Association awards contest, Ramona won several certificates of merit, a Muse Medallion in the Online Article: Health & General Care category and the Fear Free Pets Award sponsored by Fear Free, LLC for her article “Fraidy Cat? How to Recognize Signs of Fear, Anxiety and Stress”. She also won a Muse Medallion for her article, “Make Sure Your Cat’s Microchip Works!” in the Newsletter Article: Any Other Topic category.

Ramona’s book “Cats for the GENIUS” won a Muse Medallion in The Cat Writers’ Association annual awards contest in 2016 in the Health and General Care category and a Certificate of Excellence. She was the recipient of 2015 GoodNewsForPets.com Human-Animal Bond Award for her article “The Strength of the Human-Animal Bond” at the Cat Writers’ Association Awards presentation.  She also received The Cat Writers’ Association Muse Award in the category of Newsletter Article/Any Other Topic for her article “Estate Planning and Your Pets.”

In 2014, Ramona won the 2014 Purina One Health Award for her article about feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, published in Animal Wellness.

She has won CWA Certificate of Excellence awards since 2011 for magazine and online articles about the cat in history, health, general interest topics, and behavior and training.