Does This Belly Pouch Make Me Look Fat?

A 2019 Cat Writers’ Association Communication Contest Winner
What is a primoridal pouch, and why would the cat develop one?  (and no, Natasha…you look beautiful as always!)
A Cat Writers’ Association Muse Medallion Winner
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Fraidy Cat? How to Recognize Signs of Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

2017 Cat Writers’ Association Communication Contest Winner of the Fear Free Pets Award sponsored by Fear Free, LLC. and Muse Medallion for the category Online Article: Health & General Care for her article, published by Fear Free Happy Homes.
Beth Adelman, MS, judged the work and had this to say about the winning entry. This piece is rooted in science, which I appreciate, and contains advice and insights that are applicable both in the veterinarian’s office and at home. It reminds readers of the toll everyday stressors can take on a cat’s health and well-being. And it has a useful guide to body language, including some very subtle signs that can often be overlooked.”
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Animal Mourning: Recognizing A Pet’s Grief

We’re still learning about animal emotions but it’s widely recognized that animals grieve, and many researchers have studied animal grief for decades.
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Feline Physics: How The Righting Reflex Helps Cats Stick A Landing

Amazed by your cat’s acrobatic skills? Feline physics is the secret to dramatic leaps and landings.
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Face Talk: What Your Cat’s Whiskers Tell You About His Mood

Cats are superheroes complete with uniquely feline super powers. One of their super powers is nonverbal communication. Their body language is so subtle that it almost seems telepathic. The cat’s head is the command center, comprising the communication triad of the eyes, ears, and whiskers.
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Nameowste: Cats Reap Yoga Benefits, Too

Cat-loving yogis have always admired their pets’ abilities in the practice of yoga, and now more people have the opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga cat-style, thanks to cat yoga classes. The fun, furry, and physical phenomenon is popping up in shelters, cat cafés, and other places from coast to coast.
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